Bettina is totally into it and enjoys the improvement of her food. (copy)

My cat Bettina and I would like to thank you and ANIfit from the bottom of our hearts.

Bettina really loves it and enjoys the improvement in her diet.

To be honest, I didn't expect this and I'm now thinking about switching to ANIfit cat food 😅😂😅...

The tips and suggestions have also shown me that ANIfit provides extremely useful expertise.

I even believe that ANIfit will significantly increase Bettina's life expectancy.

My cat became ill from supermarket cat food. Teeth were broken because there was sugar in the food, even though it wasn't labelled as such. Stomach/intestinal problems without end. They have suddenly gone since I started feeding the cat ANIfit this morning.
Bettina is having a dental treatment tomorrow.

She is about 11½ years old.
I found her 8 years ago, abandoned and heavily pregnant. She came to an animal shelter where I helped out for a short time. The next day she gave birth to 6 little kittens. All healthy and lively.

Bettina listens to me and walks with me without a lead. Well, me with her...🐱

Thanks to ANIfit, I now have fewer worries about my cat's health and I hope that every cat owner will find out about ANIfit.

❤️liches Thank you to everyone at ANIfit

Best regards from

Michael and Bettina

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